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F2 Bulgari Padma
Padma arrived safely about an hour ago and from the first minute was behaving as if the place was hers. She seems to have been completely unaffected by the flight and has been eating and drinking very happily. What an amazing kitten – she has a wonderful personality and so far unstoppable energy. She hasn’t stayed still long enough for a photograph yet but I will send you some tomorrow when she does. Thank you for everythingz\\\\\\\\\ - v Those last characters just added by Padma walking across the keyboard! Thanks again.

Andrew, Thailand

F1 Bulgari Bono
Dear Wendy and Russel, It was very nice to meet you. We are all extremely happy with Bono. I've honestly never seen such a beautiful and, above all, sweet savannah. He has a great personality! As soon as you were here he was allowed out of his travel basket and he went straight on reconnaissance, friendly to everyone and for nothing or no one afraid. Already after a few minutes he found a ball and started playing. Once he gets tired he jumps on our lap and goes to sleep, as if he is here for a long time. He is really great, you have one more fan! The fact that he is an F1 with a serval mother makes him even more special! Once again thank you so much that you have brought me Bono. You did a very great job!

Sincerely, Betty Hagebeek, Cattery SpotlightNL

Bulgari Sonny
Dear Wendy and Russell. Just to pass on a massive thank you for "Sonny" my beautiful kitten. He travelled 8hrs in a box to get home without once crying. This kitten is a credit to you both so healthy and playful. He has settled so well after one day and my kids adore him. I would highly recommend you for future buyers. A welcome addition to my family. Thank you so much.

Martin Burns, Northern Ireland

Bulgari Savannah
Dear Wendy and Russell, I want to send a HUGE "THANK YOU" for selling me the most glorious kitten!! The toiletting problem was solved almost immediately - thanks to your advice - as I am sure you realised. Savannah met the vet yesterday (I wanted to show him what I had bought to replace my 18+ year old Abyssinian variety and he thought she was gorgeous!!) This house of mine has not seen as much action or heard laughter (from me) in its 12 year life. Savannah seems to want to be with me and I have so much "help" with all my jobs, plus endless purring. So - both of you - Thank You so much. I will enjoy her for years and years to come!! It is lovely to know you & well done for your hospitality & helpful advice.

Jane C. Taunton

Bulgari Cairo
Hi there! I wanted to give a testimonial! Here we go.. Cairo amazes us every day. He has the sweetest and cutest character we could ever ask for. It is very easy for us to train him follow simple commands, and he loves to go for walks on a leash like a dog. We live in Poland and we had to trust Russell and Wendy in order to choose the right kitten, and we are more than happy and satisfied! Russell and Wendy also helped us in many ways, taught us a lot about the breed, and were always there for us when we needed someone to talk to and make questions. The Facebook group is also always a nice place to chat with other owners and share our experiences. We look forward to our next kitten from Bulgaricats!

Marina Psimadi and Bartek Ciara
We really love Cairo and I mean it! Thank you R and W.

Bulgari Tama
We are safe and sound,and they are chasing each other like mad! They are licking and playing and jumping!! I'm so pleased I cried haha!

Adel, London

Bulgari Chatsworth
I would just like to say a massive Thank you to Russell and Wendy ....Chatsworth is proving to be everything and more than we expected... his personality is fantastic he is clever and immediately worked out who the feeder is :)....He is adventurous... funny... noisy... smelly (yes already)...bold and also just a bit of a cuddler :) love him to bits thanks folks :))) xxx22

Hazel, Somewhere cold up North "Brrrrrr" :-)

Bulgari Mia
Mia is home safe and settling in well. She was a bit shy for the first twenty minutes but seems to have adjusted very well now. :)

Janet Dale, London

Bulgari Madoda
He is settling in well, he is very active and playful, although he seems to want to 'kill' everything! He has already managed to escape into the wider house and is running round a combination of avid adventurer and scaredy cat! Strangest of he hasnt been to interested in food - not sure we picked up Madoda! Lol!

Ben Morgan, St Albans

Bulgari Harley,Kayto & Monet
We have 3 beautiful Savannahs from Russell and Wendy Foskett (Bulgari Savannahs) and can honestly say that since having them our lives have changed...for the better I might add. They have enriched our lives. Harley our first Savannah is a brown spotted 17 month old who is amazing and stunning. I have had Harley since he was 12 weeks old. I fell in love with the breed almost immediately because they are so very different to my 'peasant' cats. They are far more interesting, intelligent and fun to be with. We were so taken by Savannahs that we wanted Harley to have a Savannah mate so when Wendy told me they had a litter of a snow, silver and brown kittens I just had to visit them again....however after spending time with the kittens and their mummy we found it hard to choose between a snow or silver Savannah, so we bought both. So very pleased we did. They are the talk of all my friends and family and we have many visitors...just to meet the Savannahs. I love it. If you want the perfect feline and addition to your family and are prepared to give them that little bit extra a Savannah is top of the list.

I have also acquired some lovely new friends...Russell and Wendy who are so very kind and helpful. I have on many occasion asked a question or had a concern regarding my Savannahs and Russell and Wendy never fail to to reply straight away and put my mind at ease. What Russell and Wendy don't know about Savannah cats isn't worth knowing. Their combined knowledge is very impressive. I have become very interested and intrigued by many aspects of breeding, nurturing and caring for this beautiful breed of cat through Bulgari Savannahs. I have visited Bulgari Savannahs several times and have always been highly impressed by the professionalism of the business as well as the homely welcome we receive. All the Savannahs at Bulgari cats are loved and cared for very much. The environment is second to none....a beautiful purpose built home for beautiful cats to live, roam, exercise and breed.

Janine Southampton

Bulgari Kedi
He is such a good boy, I spend most of the day with him and we play. He like to be high up so I placed his bed up high and he loves it. He has two wrestle toys and he really beats them up but he is so gentle with me. When he is tired he jumps up on my lap and wants massaging and cuddles, he sleeps like that for hours. All my friends are amazed that he plays fetch already! He will get his first tour of the house tomorrow, now that he is fully settled in. I got the TICA form today, thanks. I wanted to take some pictures but it is hard to get him to stand still, I only seem to get pictures of empty chairs or the floor!

Ali, London

Bulgari Moses
Certainly not a cat for people who want an animail without charater. These cats will make you smile, make you laugh and sometimes make you cry. A lifelong compaion who will never leave you side.
It was not like buying a cat but adopting a child. Every care and attention was taken in the process. The service was up and beyond what you would expect. Aftercare is great with a facebook page for owners. My cat was flown to Finland.

Garry, Turku Finland

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