How and why did we get into Savannahs
I found Savannah cats quite by accident at a Bengal cat breeders premises. I had travelled to see a snow lynx bengal girl that I had made up my mind to buy and possibly breed from. Myself and Mrs F are fond of our cats and felt it would be a nice hobby. I arrived to view the Bengal kittens and on my way in there were some runs a little way across the yard with some little lepoard looking cats in. With spots and a slender sleak body they were quite different to the bengals I was about to view. Of course I loved the look of the snow lynx bengal but my attention soon turned to the Savannahs and the questions started to follow. What are they like? "they're well behaved bengals" Are they good pets? "they are extremely good pets, a little dog like" Where do they come from etc etc, in fact I think I went on and on for around two hours. By the time I got home, I wanted two!
To be fair to Mrs F she knew before I did that I wouldn't stop at two although I managed to hold on six months before getting a third and a good nine months to get the fourth, fifth six within two years and so on!!

Savannah Manor !!
Savannah Manor was born in June 2011. We built a purpose built "cattery" to house our girls. We have hospital grade flooring and wash down walls. They have their shelfs by the window to watch the boys and the serval in the run opposite. We also have a larger room for nursing mums with larger/older litters with a glass wall for viewing. Our cats get alot of attention each and every day. Our kittens get confident with people due to the attention they recieve with alot of playtime.

June 2011

June 2012

Inside Run Room

Inside Kitten Room.

1st half of Serval Run

2nd half of Serval Run

The Future for Bulgari
Savannah breeders in the UK and in Europe are restricted to the same few foundation lines. It takes time patients and investment in the early generation savannahs and of course a Dangerous Wild Animal Licence.
Importing foundation savannahs from the USA and even Europe is expensive and can require quarentine. The time spent in quarentine is not good for the cats and can de-humanise them. We have our Servals "Ambernay", "Verzenay"&"Cliquot" and have produced our own F1 savannahs here at Bulgari. We were infact the first breeders to use a female serval in producing F1 savannahs. We have also now produced our own F2s too. Remember the F1 cats require a Dangerous Wild Animal License (DWAL) but the F2s onwards do not require one. We do not advise anyone to start with an F1 although they are very tame they are a large commitment time and money wise and require the same amount of attention as a dog/puppy. You will reap what you sow with the early generation cats, the more time spent with them the better behaved they will be.

UPDATE on "The Future for Bulgari"

We successfully bred F1s from our Serval Cliquot on May 4th 2013. We have kept a male & a female from this litter to produce our own lines. Its not known if the male will be fertile as this is the first male from a serval female and savannah male in the world!!
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